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-March, 8th - Paris
More than 30 000 people came from whole France and walked behind the " Neither Bitch, Nor Submissive" at the time of the demonstration organized
between place of Republic and place of Nation.
On the 1st February, at the beginning of the March, Ingrid, Loubna, Safia, Christelle, Nadia, Oliver, Farid and the others feared the failure of their step and hid an objective which appeared unbelievable to them, to
bring together 5 000 people on March 8...

- 8 mars - Paris
Plus de 30 000 personnes venues de la France entière marchent derrière les "ni putes ni soumises lors de la manifestation organisée entre la place de
la République et la place de la Nation. Le 1er février, au départ de la marche, Ingrid, Loubna, Safia, Christelle, Nadia, Olivier, Farid et les
autres craignaient l'échec de leur démarche et cachaient un objectif qui leur paraissait dément, réunir 5 000 personnes le 8 mars...

Pierre-Yves Ginet / Taïga  
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