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Photographs by PATRICK FORESTIER / Taïga
At the time of the printout of the book "the hidden face of Le Monde" by two well known french journalist Pierre Péan and Philippe Cohen, here is precisely the backstage, in a photo-report carried out in April 2002, on the daily newspaper “Le Monde”. Our photographer was interested in the edition times, conferences, meetings, and electoral evenings. He also followed the journeys of the journalists of the political service in order to capture the various candidates during the presidential elections. more ...
France - 32 images - added February 2003
Photographs by IVO SAGLIETTI / Zeitenspiegel / Taïga
In 1982, Paolo Dall’Oglio, a young Italian Jesuit arrived at the Deir Mar Musa ruins in the mountains of the Syrian Desert and decided to build an new ecumenical community. He wanted to recreate a place that welcomed everyone, a multi-religious monastery that would encourage Muslim-Christian reconciliation in that difficult period. Last year, the monastery was visited by Pope John Paul II in the frame of the Christian Union’s week of prayer. This year, father Dall’Oglio can proudly celebrate Mar Musa’s twentieth anniversary, a spiritual heaven open to all religions; more ...
Syria - 26 images - added January 2003
Photographs by CARLOS LUJAN / Taïga
Our neighbours of the African continent undertook a long road in search of the dreamed station that it allowed them to ascend to the train of the European "paradise". In Spain, in one of the beaches of Ceuta "Calamocarro" hundred of Africans, crowded between cardboards and garbage, have waited the moment to be able to ascend to this train. Calamocarro has been for them a dreamed station and wanted. They won't care the inclemency of the dirt and the powder, the solitude and the nostalgia of it; it is part of the note to enter in the "promised land"; more...
Spain - 32 images - added December 2002 
Photographs by IVO SAGLIETTI / Zeitenspiegel / Taïga
Photographer Ivo Saglietti follows the atmosphere in Sabra and Chatila, twenty years after the September 1982 massacre. Palestinian survivors of all ages cannot face the past, for the past is still the present, and nothing can bring back the 1,490 victims executed over four horrible days and nights. He shows through his pictures that life moves on with an new lively generation, who are doing more and more to shake the memories that are engrained on the often decaying walls of the town. He takes us along to meet the inhabitants of Sabra and Chatila, who live with the burden of their relatives’ absence; more...
Lebanon - 20 images - added December 2002 
Photographs by PATRICIO ESTAY / Taïga
Rooted in Moroccan tradition, the Fantasia is a combination of charging on horseback and rifle shooting; though it is highly spectacular, there is more to it. It is above all a warrior game, impressive in itself, of course. It exists primarily to recreate the fighting conditions of yesteryear. The rules alone are a genuine rite.
Marocco - 60 images - added November 2002 
Photographs and text by SARA TERRY / Taïga
In 1992, in the early months of the war in Bosnia, Serbs launched an ethnic cleansing campaign against their Muslim neighbors as part of a campaign -- driven by a nationalist agenda in Serbia and among Bosnian Serbs -- to create an ethnically pure Greater Serbia. Thousands of Muslims were killed in the spring and summer of 1992, many of them dumped in mass graves. Today, those graves are still being discovered and exhumed around the country; more...
Bosnia - 15 images - added October 2002 
Photographs and text by CHRISTIAN CRAVO / Taïga
This is the Sertão (Backlands), Brazil’s Northeast. This is a holy and sun-scorched land. Jesus is buried here, or so some believe. For three centuries Brazil’s devout Sertanejos (Backlanders) have relied on pilgrimages to sacred sites deep in this inhospitable land to expiate their sins, exchange information, and acquire amulets, figures of saints, religious icons, that will protect them until the next gathering. It’s primarily with prayers for redemption in the form of life- giving rain, which must fall from Heaven, that these journeys continue; more...
Brazil - 46 images - added November 2002 
- Photographs by AMERICO MARIANO / Taïga -
Cuba is still one of the largest world sugar producers. A significant part of its export is still intended to Russia and the ex-USSR countries as in the core years of communism. The photographer Americo MARIANO, has followed this "sugar road", a human focus story, starting from the huge fields of sugar cane in Cuba to the refining in Siberia and distribution in whole Russia.
Cuba Russia- 60 images - added October 2002 
Photographs and text by SARA TERRY / Taïga
"Aftermath" seeks to explore and illumine the incredibly challenging period that follows the end of war, with its difficult tasks of rebuilding lives and communities.Bosnia's brutal war, marked by ethnic cleansing and genocide, began in 1992 and finally ended in 1995. Today, Bosnians are still struggling to rebuild a multicultural civil society that will be free from future conflict. They cannot do it alone; more ...
Bosnia - 34 images - added October 2002 
Photographs by AMERICO MARIANO / Taïga
On 22-23 October, Sotheby’s New York will be auctioning a selection of photographs from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. Following on from the success of its last auction of photographs in April 2001 with the sale of the Marie Thérèse and André Jammes collection of XIXe century photographs, which generated sales of USD2.15m, Sotheby’s is hoping to raise over USD2m. In November 2001, during the exhibit of "Paris photo", l'Hotel des ventes of Drouot had a world succes with the first edition of it's catalogue dedicated only on photojournalism masterpieces; more ...
Paris - 27 images - added October 2002 
Photographs by AMERICO MARIANO / Taïga

1,1 billion of people still don't have access to drinking water, as half of the humanity consume bad quality water. Every day, 30 000 human beings are dying fromcontagious diseases, contaminated by polluted water. But water is vital in many other areas, and means purification when it is at the core of religious practices.
58 images - added October 2002

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