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Photographs by NIKOS PILOS / Taïga

Gush Katif is a complex of settlements in the south part of Gaza Strip, on the land seized by Israel after the 1967 war. Politically, it undermines the Israelo-palestinian conflict. But most of all, socially, it provides a context of living full of paradoxes. For the palestinians, this is the most scandalous symbol of illegal occupation. For the jewish settlers, the most evident triumph of sionism: a desertous land turned into a community. Seen from the outside, the area is guarded as a high security prison. Electric wire-fence, tanks and armoured vehicles, dozens of checkpoints, thousands of soldiers; more ...
Gaza - 25 images - added Sept. 2002

Photographs by NIKOS PILOS / Taïga

“Hamas” is labeled as one of the most lethal terrorist organisations in the muslim world, responsible for the killing of thousands of Israelis in suicide bombings. But in the Palestinian Territories and especially in the Gaza Strip, Hamas is seen more than as a substitute to the impotent and corrupt Palestinian Authority than as a para-military organisation. This photo story tries to trace Hamas roots and activities in every-day palestinian life. In particular, focus is put on the way children (aged from 5 to over 20) are integrated in the Hamas wide range of welfare activities, through various channels of socialisation; more ...
Gaza - 23 images - added Sept. 2002

Photographs by NIKOS PILOS / Taïga

“Tanzim” is thought to be an organised armed militia associated with the “Fatah”, Yasser Arafat’s political movement. Tanzim operates both in Gaza Strip and the West Bank, despite occupation of all major palestinian cities. Israeli authorities accuse Tanzim of spreading terror whereas the palestinians respond that the Tanzim (which stands for “organisation” in arabic) is just a defensive military body, organising justified resistance in the occupied territories. Tanzim gunmen operate in secret. They only appear armed and masked in public demonstrations, especially in case of funeral processions. more ...
Gaza - 9 images - added Sept. 2002

Photographs by FICO / Taïga

STEPHANE MARAIS, THE FASHION ALCHEMIST. Fascinated since early childhood by the glimmers of fashion and photography, Stéphane Marais saw his dream come true, that of travelling in a parallel world of fashion. For more than twenty years, he has been working with the most notorious names; more ...
ORLANDO PITA, " THE HAIR GURU" . Orland Pita. An exceptional hairstyle designer for exceptional fashion shows. The "greatest hair dresser in the world", the hair guru that's how he's often referred to. The designer, who has become unavoidable in the most important fashion shows in the world; more ...
Paris - 35 images - added August 2002

Photographs by NABIL BOUTROS / Taïga

The religious history, incredibly rich in Egypt, has combined throughout the centuries different cultures and beliefs. It is in a melting pot that the Christendom of the Copts has inherited throughout time a Pharaohnic as well as a Hellenistic, Byzantine and Arab influence. They live to the rhythm of their faith, with absolute fervour. Once a majority, the Copts of the Nile have endured suffering, and today exist as a minority in an Islamic community. A discovery of a parallel world, at the same time magnificent, complex and delicate in a historical and religious context.
Egypt - 65 images - added August 2002

Photographs by DELPHINE WARIN / Taïga

From the 3rd till the 5th of Mai, the small town of El Kelaat M‚Gouna, in the south of Morocco celebrates the Rosa Madascena. The region is famous for the little flower that enchants perfume makers all over the world, and is of particular importance to the inhabitants of the province of Ouarzazate. The harvest of roses lasts for two months and represents a period of joy and hope for an entire population. A journey through a valley to discover a flower that has been part of the daily life of Moroccans throughout the centuries.
Morocco - 45 images - added August 2002

Photographs by NIKOS PILOS / Taïga

Some 300,000 Palestinians marched in the funeral procession Tuesday afternoon of 15 Palestinians killed in an air raid on a Gaza City building around midnight Monday, July 23. The funeral procession carried the bodies of the victims wrapped in Palestinian flags on stretchers, including Salah Shehada, the leader of the Hamas military wing, who was the target of the raid. "The blood of the martyrs will not be lost," and "the Palestinian people will revenge these crimes," chanted the crowd. Hundreds of masked men; more ...
Gaza - 27 images - added July 2002

Photographs by STEPHANIE LACOMBE / Taïga
At half an hour distance by suburb train from Paris, the buildings of La Grande Borne are wedged between the prison of Fleury-Mérogis, the southbound highway and the route 445. Inaugurated in August 1971, this triangle of 90 hectares was an answer to the problems of that period: how to lodge the children of the baby boom, the people who left the Capital and new generation of immigrants. Emile Aillaud, a well-known architect, assigned to draw a plan of the solution, chose utopia: buildings, less than five storeys tall; more ...
France - 24 images - added July 2002
Photographs by GILLES CRAMPES / Taïga
The neighbourhood of Pigalle is one of the landmarks of the French Capital. With its neon lights and glamour shows, it attracts tourists day and night, in search of strong sensations and erotic charm. Its "sex market" gives it a mediocre reputation but enchants seekers of pleasure. However, behind the glowing and glittery scene there is a long and lonely waiting in the daily lives of men and women. In Pigalle there isn't a previously defined itinerary for the "professionals of sex". Some stay for a few months, others for a few years; more ...
France - 54 images - added july 2002
Photographs by PATRICIO ESTAY / Taïga
The Indian cinema, rich with scenes from Indian daily life and culture; with love stories that have made spectators shed countless tears, have now conquered the Western world. Taïga photographer Patricio Estay, makes us live instants of Bollywood, the movie industry of India with its celebrities such as Amitabh Bachchan, Maldhuri Dixit’s, Bobby Deol among many others. Forty photographs take us to the world of the Bollywood boom: a guided visit through the studios and settings of a colourful and magical world.
India - 36 images - June 2002

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